Who Can Make Your Driveway Last?

We offer premier residential sealcoating services

If you'd like your driveway to last for years to come, you'll want help from our sealcoating pros. Stillwater Sealcoat will complete your residential sealcoating project in the Old Town, ME area. We'll make sure the paved surfaces on your property look perfect with our thorough, meticulous sealcoating process.

Contact us now to schedule residential sealcoating services. We'll protect your features from wear and tear.

Check out our sealcoating services

Time to have a new layer of sealcoat applied? Here's what you can expect our team to handle:

  • Initial cleanup - our team will clean up the area to prevent issues with application
  • Crack sealing - we'll address any cracks or imperfections, sealing them for a seamless finish
  • Sealcoat washing - washing the area after sealing to remove any residual dust or debris

In 48 hours, your driveway will look fresh and new. Reach out to us today about your property.